Nainital Hotels

Nainital Hotels: A Scintillating Stay In The Land Of Gorgeous Lakes!
15.10.2013 11:21

Do you want to take your family on an unforgettable vacation? Still searching for the right place? Welcome to the land of lakes, Nainital for a holiday that will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. The pristine beauty of this heavenly place lures in thousands of visitors on a daily basis ranging from tourists to honeymooners, backpackers to holidayers, etc. Dotted with gorgeous mountain ranges and sparkling lakes, Nainital is one of the must see places in India. Nainital hotels are available in all categories and one can book rooms online at just the click of a button.
Hotels in Nainital: A Cozy and Comfortable Stay Guaranteed!
The Corner, Classic The Mall, Bhikampur Lodge and Dynasty Resort are some of the best Nainital hotels worth mentioning. The Corner is one of the best hotels in town where you can enjoy a grand stay at reasonable rates. The hotel provides elegantly done rooms that come with all the lavish comforts required by every guest. Some of them include en-suite bathroom, LCD television, spongy beds, and more. The hotel is a favorite among everyone as it provides easy access to shopping malls, restaurants and tourist attractions.

Classic The Mall is another reputed hotel in town where you can enjoy a relaxing stay. The facilities provided by the hotel include travel desk, laundry service, car parking, car rental services, etc. The hotel also comes with a restaurant that serves some of the best dishes prepared with fresh and aromatic ingredients. So book your rooms at any of the hotels in town and experience a heartwarming stay in the beautiful lake city of India!


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