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Hotels In Nainital
24.06.2013 13:31

                                                          An Enjoyable Holiday In The Hotels In Nainital!

Nainital is a hill station in Uttarakhand. It is a popular holiday destination and many people come here for work or for a vacation. The Naini Lake in the heart of the city, Naina Devi Temple, The Jim Corbett National Park, Bhimtal Lake, and Saattal are some of the tourist attractions. The beauty of nature is very much evident in these places. To cater to the ever increasing tourists there are different hotels in Nainital, from the budget to the elite. Have an enjoyable stay in these hotels.


Hotels in Nainital give you a homely stay!

Nainital has a host of luxury, deluxe, semi-deluxe and standard hotels. These hotels give you the feeling that you are in your home. The ambience in these hotels is so good that you feel you are in home away from home. Some of the hotels are The Naini Retreat, The Manu Maharani Hotel, Shervani Hilltop Inn, Hotel Krishna, Hotel Aroma and many others.

The Manu Maharani -Hotel & Spa is one of the luxury Hotels in Nainital in the heart of the city and away from the hustle and bustle. It is just a stone throw away from the Mall. The hotel has well designed and stylish interiors. It has elegant surroundings and has exquisite cuisine and excellent services. The hotel is a perfect destination for a peaceful holiday or business conference. It has fine dining with its restaurants Gardenia- the Coffee Shop and Panorama Restaurant.




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