Nainital Hotels


Nainital Hotels Offer The Most Romantic Holidays!

Picturesque locations, cool climes, and the Nainital hotels make for a combination that is simply unbeatable in every way! Tucked away in the Kumaon foothills of the majestic Himalayan Range of mountains, Nainital is a tourist destination that is among the most popular ones in India. The state of Uttarakhand is home to a number of scenic locations and Nainital is one of them. The town is not only blesses in abundance by Mother Nature but also has a legendary lake that even finds mention in the ancient scriptures of the Hindu religion.
Hotels in Nainital: Offering Great Views of the Naini Lake!
The Naini Lake is clearly the tourist attraction that defines the town of Nainital and the hotels in Nainital that overlook the scenic waters of the lake are the ones that are the first choices for tourists here. The romantic views of the lake from the cozy rooms of hotels is what enhances the holiday of couples who are here on their honeymoon or simply to rekindle the romance that is usually lost in the melee of everyday life. To top it all, the hotels here too go an extra mile to ensure that these couples have a wonderful time while they are here.
Apart from the lake itself, Nainital also offers couples various other activities such as an adventurous trip to the Jim Corbett National Park that is only 60 kilometers away from here as well a visit to the Seven Lakes, among others. Thanks to the Nainital hotels, the stays as well as the sightseeing tours are all taken care of with the utmost efficiency, leaving the couples to simply enjoy a great time and gather the fondest memories!


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