Nainital Hotels


Experience The Heavenly Feeling By Staying In The Grand Hotels In Nainital!
If adventure is what you are looking for, then no place can be more perfect than Nainital. This is one of the most charismatic hill stations in Uttarakhand that offers the travellers, tranquillity, nature walks, mountains and fresh air all wrapped into one. This lake resort is located at a height of about 1938 metres and offers the tourists a very memorable stay throughout the year. The marvellous hotels in Nainital also are believed to be the epitome of luxury. You can also avail honeymoon as well as holiday packages from these hotels that can be of great benefit.
Luxurious Nainital Hotels: Unrivalled Opulence!
Set among some of the spell binding surroundings, the Nainital hotels play an important role in making the stay more memorable for its guests. Some of these hotels are Balrampur House, Bhikampur Lodge, Chestnut Grove Himalayan Lodge and many more. The Balrampur House is a very exquisite heritage hotel that offers the guests a real taste in royal life. Located in Mallital, they have some wonderful tourist spots in the nearby vicinity. These are Naini Lake, Naina Devi Temple, he Methodist Church and the rest. 
Dating back to the British era the rooms of this plush resort are regal and elegant in the extreme. They also offer wonderful modern facilities thus providing the guests with a private cocoon of grand stay in their rooms itself. Along with some basic facilities this hotel also offers a very well-combed garden to sit and relax or even play. All in all to make your trip to this city a great success you need only to book these elegant hotels in Nainital!
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