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Nainital Hotels: An Intoxicating Stay In The Land Of Lakes!
28.05.2013 09:42


Have you ever been to the ‘Lake District’ of India? No, then you must plan a trip to the beautiful city of lakes, Nainital and experience an unforgettable holiday in the laps of nature. The quaint hill station of Nainital is one of the most sought out destinations in India. People flock to this celebrated hill station to witness the ravishing beauty of nature. Sparkling lakes, exotic landscapes and jaw-dropping scenic views are some of the things that make Nainital a favorite among travelers. Nainital hotels welcome you with open arms to spend a soothing holiday in Mother Nature’s Arms!
Hotels in Nainital: A Dream Stay in the Laps of Nature!
The Manu Maharani is one of the best hotels in town where one can enjoy cozy comforts. Situated amidst beautiful landscapes, the hotel is a favorite among honeymooners as they can enjoy a cozy stay in the laps of nature. Guestrooms at the hotel are elegantly done and come with a plethora of amenities to suit the needs of every guest. In-room amenities offered include individual shower, king-size beds, cable television, and more. Each room comes with a private sit out where you can enjoy spellbinding views of the Naini Lake and Valley. 
Guests can choose from standard, premium, club, duplex, suite, among others. Facilities and services provided by the hotel include conference room, restaurants, shoeshine service, doctor on call, concierge, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. You can also enjoy such comforts at other Nainital hotels such as Chevron Fairhavens, The Naini Retreat, and so on. So don’t you want to enjoy a wonderful stay at any of these hotels? Then, do not waste a minute and start booking your rooms straight away! 
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