Nainital Hotels

Nainital Packages Provide You a Great Holiday Destination
24.07.2013 12:31

Nainital is located on the foothills of the Kumaon, on the outer Himalayas, and is a beautiful hill station in the state of Uttarakhant. It is located at an elevation of 2084 meters above sea level. During the summer months, a lot of tourists visit the place to escape from the heat of the plains. A large part of the revenue of the state comes from tourism. Lakes, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, and peaks, all attract thousands of tourists to the hill station. If you are planning a tour to Nainital but have no idea as to where to stay, which places to go for sightseeing and how much will be the expenditure for the trip, you need not worry. There are many Nainital packages that offer you a tour of the place and also food and accommodation.

There are Nainital packages that are budget as well as luxury packages fitting the pockets of all the tourists. Booking of such a package is possible by logging on to any of the travel and tourism websites. Many websites are available, from which you can choose one package that caters to your requirements and budget. Many discounts and offers are provided on these websites and you can take advantage of these offers when you book online.

Naini Lake is an important tourist spot in Nainital. The zoo here is also an important place to visit, which houses rare species of snow leopard, Himalayan black bear and Steppe eagle. Jim Corbett National Park is located 63 km from Nainital.


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